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Krabi solar power solutions
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Krabi Off grid solutions
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On Grid

This is how to reduce your electricity bill. In this system any electricity you generate will be used to directly run your appliances and any surplus energy you create connects to your existing electricity grid connection. This electricity is then effectively purchased by your electricity supplier or in some cases will make your meter run backwards. The rules governing “Tie In” to the grid are still being implemented in Thailand. In the future it will certainly be possible to sell your surplus back to your energy supplier, its unknown exactly how long it will take for this to come into effect. At the moment, whether you can run your meter backwards is being decided on a case by case basis and an understanding with your local Energy Supplier.

These systems typically comprise of Solar (PV) Cells and an inverter that converts the power to 220v supply that will run normal appliances. Various systems are available from budget “Bolt On” systems that simply run appliances that are plugged directly into it to fully Integrated systems that connect with your existing house cables to supply power exactly where you need it.


-          Lower electricity bills


On Grid Plus

Protect yourself against power cuts and reduce electricity bills at the same time. The systems use the solar (pv) cells to charge up a bank of batteries. During the day and while there is an electricity supply to the house and the batteries are charged, the electricity generated by the cells is used to run the appliances in your house. The useage is topped up by power from the grid connection. During a Power cut, there will be sufficient energy stored in the battery to run a certain amount of appliances. The size of the battery bank decides how many and which appliances can be connected and for how long. A typical installation would include a refrigerator, a few energy saving house lights, a laptop, modem etc. High consuming appliances like Air Conditioners and hot water heater are usually avoided to extend the length of time they can be run. Most electricity cuts last less than 6 hours and its quite practical for a system like the typical one described above to last for 8 hours.


-          Save Money

-          Protect against Power Failure


Off Grid

Off Grid is the description for any system that will run in total isolation of an electric supply. Out of reach locations on Islands or mountains are sometimes impractical or even impossible to connect to a grid supply. Another application would be a mobile setup; boat, Recreational Vehicle, Camping ground etc.

Some higher end off-grid systems can also connect to the grid and automatically switch appliances between battery and grid.

The systems can be scaled to fit any level of requirement from a simple portable panel that produces power to run some lights and a few other things at a camp site or live event to giant battery banks that will produce enough electricity to run a resort.

Off Grid systems also quite often integrate with other forms of Renewable energy like wind power.


-          Electricity Anywhere!




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