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Krabi solar power solutions
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The heart of every PV system is the array of photovoltaic modules (Solar panels) Solaris Green Energy offers the full range of PV Modules from 250Wp to 325Wp for high-performance PV Modules.

What are your requirements? Flat roof, pitched roof or free-field? Installation near the coast, in the mountains or in the desert? Solaris Green Energy has the right solution with suitable module types for maximizing efficiency and lift time of the system and optimization your installation cost and times.

We selected only the premium PV modules in our portfolio witch you can trust in our experience over 100 MWp we had involved.


AXITEC AC-260P/156-60S

AXITEC AC-265P/156-60S

AXITEC AC-315P/156-72S



IBC PolySol 265 CS4

IBC MonoSol 290 VL4







Seraphim SRP-260-6PB
260 W

Seraphim SRP-300-6MA
300 W

Seraphim SRP-325-6MA
325 W Ez Box



Simax 156 SP660 250W

Simax 156 SM660 270W

Simax 156 SP660 270W




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On Grid and Off Grid Explained

On Grid – Save Money

ongrid systeml

All on grid systems worldwide require a working grid connection to function. In case of a powercut, the system will not function for safety reasons.

On Grid Plus – Save Money + Power Cut Protection

ongrid plus small

This is on grid but with the benefit of battery backup to protect against power cuts. During a power cut you have power in the batteries sufficient to run a cut-down list of the appliances in your house for a period of time.

Off Grid – Power Anywhere anytime!

offgrid system

Off Grid systems are for places with no possible connection to the grid.


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